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Yongkang Erqiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.  is located in Xizhuyuan Industrial Park, Yongkang City. The company's main business is to manufacture high-performance thermoplastic elastomers. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, sales, and research and development. It has independent research and development of TPE, TPR, TPU, and TPV production technologies.

In terms of hardware, the company has introduced a first-class TPE production line with an annual output of 5,000 tons of TPE. Currently, the construction of the second and third pipelines is under preparation; in terms of software, the company has a strong R&D team and advanced domestic and foreign Test equipment and build a multi-functional R&D laboratory for TPE products, relying on well-known professors from domestic universities such as Wuhan University of Chemical Technology and Zhejiang University of Technology. On the basis of forming a good connection with the market, the company has continuously developed advanced new materials that can be collaboratively sold to provide downstream companies with comprehensive technical services. At the same time, the company actively implements a talent strategy, introduces talents at home and abroad, and builds an elite talent team for the company's sustainable development. Introduced a management team represented by Dr. Xu Bin to fully enter various high-end markets in the industry. The team developed its own patented new technologies, occupied new markets in the future and commanded the heights of 3D/4D printing new materials, allowing the company to achieve industrial upgrading and strive to become China. And the leading material supplier in Asia.

Under the guidance of domestic TPE experts and the joint efforts of the company team, the company's TPE products not only have excellent high tension, high tensile strength, wear resistance, toughness, aging resistance, breathability, water resistance, oil resistance, but also a technology Mature environmentally friendly materials have been widely used in films, wires and cables, synthetic leather, mechanical seals, military field uniforms, field tents, water storage tanks, automotive interior and exterior parts, inflatable toys, water and underwater sports equipment, medical equipment , Fitness equipment and other high-end products.

Service tenet: To ensure quality and meet customer needs. With the tenet of service, survival with quality, and development with technology.

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